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We develop unique modules that add Extra Features and Usability to the standard
Canto Cumulus DAM platform
Keyboard and Mouse

Web Platform

The most powerful and feature rich web solution for Canto Cumulus.

Attention Web Platform gives full control and easy access of your digital content. Upload assets, edit the metadata and share the content directly from the same application.

Attention Web Platform is fast, fully responsive and allow you to customize the look and feel, so it adopts to your branding and style.

No other web solution to Canto Cumulus offers the same extensive list of features that allow you to customize the solution to your specific needs.

Team Meeting

Video Manager

Work seamlessly with video and audio files in Canto Cumulus

Attention Video Manager is the most complete solution for handling video and audio in Canto Cumulus. Any video or audio file can be prepared to be played using Attention Web Platform, Cumulus Sites, Cumulus Portals and even Cumulus Web Client.

Attention Video Manager offer direct download of videos in pre-converted formats and allow streaming to be used in websites, presentations etc. Video Manager is a “must have” tool when you work with video or audio in Canto Cumulus.  


Effective and secure storage and sharing of digital media files is increasingly becoming one business critical part of business operations, and it requires an optimal Digital Asset Management solution (DAM).

At Attention Modules we use our more than 25 years of experience within DAM solutions, to develop unique modules for Canto Cumulus DAM solutions. Our modules ads extra features and usability to the standard Canto Cumulus platform.

Attention Modules are developed and sold by Attention Solutions. We have great passion for DAM installations strive to develop modules that adds more out-of-the-box value to your Cumulus solution.

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