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Attention Video Manager

is the best On-Premises tool if you want to work efficiently with video and audio in Cumulus


Attention Video Manager

Is the complete solution for automated video and audio processing including streaming to all kinds of devices using Canto Cumulus.

Any video or audio file can be prepared to be played using Canto Cumulus Sites, Portals, WebClient or Attention Web Platform. There is no plugin like Flash are necessary in the browser to play a video which makes it compatible to almost all devices available.

The video player can also be embedded into any web-page, for example produced by a CMS, using a really simple API. In addition, each video file optionally can be provided in multiple quality levels to accommodate different bandwidths available for consuming users.

This gives you the power to support high bandwidth desktop users but also small bandwidth mobile devices without having to think about it. The provided player provides a control for the end user to select the appropriate quality level.

When using WebClient the Attention Video Solution also supports clip markers which allows one to jump to specific parts of a video, for example the interesting situations in a football match or certain speakers in a longer discussion and these clips can also be discussed by users. Given enough permissions a user can also download that exact segment of a video file.

This download functionality also supports the different quality levels a video might have. After the initial setup these features do work automatically and do not require the manual work of an administrator or (cataloging) user.


Download Original or Pre-Rendered Assets

Download files in their original format or as a pre-rendered version. Pre-rendered versions are available for immediate download.


Embed Player in Web Page

Insert a link to a video on your webpage by copying a prepared iframe code from Cumulus.


Upload to YouTube & Vimeo

With one click you can mark a video to be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo in the correct optimized file format. It can’t be much easier!


On-premises or in the Cloud

Download files in their original format or as a pre-rendered version. Pre-rendered versions are available for immediate download.


HTML5 Playback in Browser

Attention Video Manager includes a modern HTML5 player that is supported by all modern devices (computer, tablets and smartphones).


Create Chapters and Sections

Mark chapters or section in your video or audio files. Perfect for education, law enforcement and long videos.


Virtual any media file can be processed by the Attention Video Manager to provide a web-compatible streamable version. For video files there are four different quality levels offered, ranging from an MP4 with 360p resolution up to high quality MP4 with 1080p resolution.

This enables you to stream to all kinds of devices, small handhelds with low bandwidth and high-end devices supporting high resolution videos. When using the provided media player, the end user can switch between the different quality levels on the fly.

Audio files should always be converted into the two different formats MP3 and OGG which have the same quality but each of these formats is only supported by some of the available browsers and end devices. To support all browsers, it’s recommended to always provide both MP3 and OGG at the same time.


Chapters (Time Segments)

User with permission to create user comments can create a time-segment comment in Sites or WebClient. Such a comment consists of a headline, a longer description text and a start time and duration for the media file.

Such a comment can be used to mark specific segments of a video which might be of special interest for a consuming user. For example, you could mark the interesting events in a sports game or a specific speaker talking in a longer discussion. If the logged in user has permission to create comment replies, it’s possible to reply to such a time-segment comment. This gives users a possibility to provide feedback for your selected segments or the entire video.

Support all platforms

Attention Video Manager support playback on all platforms and all devices (computer, tablets and smartphones).


Embed link to a video

Simply copy a link into your presentation or web-site for easy playback of a video or audio.


Attention Video Manager supports multilingual subtitles in video. Simply import or paste your SRT or WebVTT text into Cumulus and mark each language. You can even edit the subtitles directly in Cumulus.

Layer 1.png

Upload to Youtube or Vimeo

With one click you can mark a video to be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo in the correct optimized file format. It can't be much easier!



The Attention Video Manager contains different modules. The main preparation and conversion of video and audio files is done by a standalone service that needs to be installed on at least one machine but can be installed on as many machines as required.

The preparation of files is either started manually using a provided add-on for the native Client or automatically by a trigger action that is also provided by the Attention Video Manager.

For Sites the Attention Video Manager offers a customization that replaces the standard video and audio player with a HTML5-based media player supported by almost all modern devices today.

This video player also provides a simple API to enable customers to embed generated media files into their own web-pages. The original media assets which should be made available in the web can be stored in Vault but also on a local file server.



Attention Video Manager comes with a complete installer.

On-Premise or Private Cloud

Unlike most other video solution’s for Cumulus, Attention Video Manager works inhouse as On-Premise or in a Private Cloud. Your valuable video and audio files will therefore not be stored in the cloud, but in your own protected servers.



Attention Video Manager Basic

2.500 €

The prices includes one year of update subscription. Renewal of the update subscription the following years, represents 18% of the total price without discount.

Extra Render

Station License

500 €

For high volume solutions that require more than one render station.

Upload to Youtube module

500 €

Function to upload video to Youtube with one click. Currently supports one Youtube Channel.

Upload to Vimeo module

500 €

Functio.n to upload to video to Vimeo with one click. Currently supports one Vimeo account. 

Substitute module

500 €

Module that allows you to import subtitle files and edit them directly in Cumulus 

Render Station Scheduler Module

500 €

Module that allow scheduling of when the Render Station should run (e.g. closing down before backup, only run outside working hours etc.).

Video Manager test-licenses for test and development

500 €

License only for test and development purposes.


Contact a partner

Attention Modules are sold via a network of international Cumulus partners, who can also provide technical service and support.

See Partner list

If you can’t find your preferred partner on the list, please contact us.

See it in action


The Danish Railway Museum uses Attention Web Platform and Attention Video Manager


The Danish Museum, Bornholms Museum, uses Attention Web Platform and Attention Video Manager


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See it in action
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